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Party Music Djs

During the average party there is only enough time to play around 70 tunes so there's no time to waste on something that is out of context.The right Music mix can make or break your occasion and the tunes selected by the DJ should match the moment and the audience. We find everyone has different tastes and they prefer different music styles at different times.The DJ needs a great knowledge of all kinds of music and be able to adapt quickly.

Often we find good party music is not the same as good music. For example many people would list classical music amongst their all time favorites, however its unlikely classical music will ever fill a dance floor at a party. Likewise few people would ever listen to a tune like Y.M.C.A at home, but at many parties its a must play record. This is because in a party situation most people relax into a collective sprit of goodwill and think "its a party, lets have a laugh and join in". To create this feeling the dj must first find the right balance and create a feeling of confidence that its going to be a brilliant party.

Playing cheesy tunes can work fine in a Family party but for a 21st birthday party with few people over 25 years old the music mix may be more up to date and have a harder edge. If the DJ plays Y.M.C.A at some 21st birthday parties there will be a riot. We always ask for a list of requested music and as these requests are played it helps build confidence and create the positive buzz we are aiming for. The DJ can then start mixing in other similar tunes and music from complimentary styles. For example if loads of R&B tracks have been requested and are going down well then current Rock/indie etc probably isn't going to work that well, however hip hop and bashment probably will. At a party every record the DJ plays should be in reaction to how well the one before it was received.

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